Training is the key to success. Despite someone’s opionion, having a trained team is not a cost, but is an huge saving.

Erogating since 2000 training courses mainly in Italian and recently in English (wkrótce po Polsku!) on the Java and JavaEE topics, he followed the evolution of this technologies.

All courses are supported by original and self-developed materials, practices and tests.

Some Areas:

  • Programming
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Java Language
    • Java Enterprise Edition
  • Java Frameworks
    • Struts 1 and 2
    • Spring Framework
    • Hibernate/JPA
  • System Administration
    • Linux
    • Tomcat
    • Weblogic
    • JBoss
  •  Project tools
    • IDEs
    • Logging Framework
    • Source Management
    • Continuous Integration
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