Born in 1996, the Java Language is still a precious reality into the IT world, used in any industry and in any kind of applications, spreading from the Embedded TV to the most complex Web Application.

Despite its origins, Java based systems are now fast and reliable, scalable, extensibles and easy maintainables.

Angelo d’Elia is certified by Sun (formerly owner of the Java technologies) and  can offer wide consulting on:

  • Java Language
  • The JavaEE architecture
  • The Java related frameworks, including
    • Spring Boot
    • Spring Framework
    • Hibernate
    • Struts 1 and 2
    • … and many others
  • Microservices and cloud architectures
  • Single Page Application and front end framework including
    • AngularJS and Angular
    • JQuery and JQueryUI

Angelo d’Elia can, furtherly, supply mentoring and training on the full stack of developing Web Applications, using all the above technologies.