No, I will NOT explain you why I decided the title “Tears in the rain”, and from where this come from. You should know and recognize it.

I started programming “computer devices” when I was 13 years old. And this has been my career. I was doing this when it was really hard to do simple things, while now I see my young colleagues thinking this is an easy job, because they can do whatever with an “Annotation”.

My career is getting closer to the end. While you’re reading this, I may have found a beach to sit on. Nevertheless I remember sometimes the beginning of my experience. Something that now sounds like history, or archeology.

If you want to read those stories, go further with this blog and follow it. I will be not chronological, not regularly writing, I will “swap” here my old memories of the times.

DO NOT read this blog if you think that the experiences of the past millennium is useless because obsolete (heard by a young Polish interviewer).

DO NOT read this blog if you are not available to indulge with an old man that sometimes, well probably will fall in self-celebration.

Language note: many of the stories that will fall here are happened in Italy and should be narrated in Italian. Others are happened in Poland and should be narrated in Polish. I made with myself a lot of brainstorming on this and then I decided for English. My english, I’m not a Shakespeare’s relative.

It’s…. time to swap!

Why this blog?